Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are you Butterfly and Dragonfly Tattoos Addicted?"

"So.. Are you Butterfly and Dragonfly Tattoos Addicted?" That's the question we are asking to you, if your answer is yes then welcome to

Here, You will see we have investigated deeply about butterfly and dragonfly tattoo and its designs. and its placement you know placement matters a lot while tattooing body part.

We have been seeing that a small insect dragonfly is becoming a popular choice for guys and girls in the tattoo world.

As you know dragonfly seems to be cousin of butterfly and both insects are a symbol of transforming of life. So, People thought that it will be good idea to get dragonfly and butterfly combination of design. When you put butterfly and dragonfly with some extra flowers together you have the ability to make a very unique tattoo design.

Whether you include the butterfly and flower in one design or decide to separate them, there are endless possibilities to make it your own and make it unique.

Let's see on this cute butterfly and dragonfly tattoo with some extra flowers. we think You can't get much cuter than by wearing this kind of design.

What do you think? what makes them so beautiful? everyone has different point of view but we think because dragonfly has a beautiful story of transformation from water to air.

Have you heard about it? if No, then listen The dragonfly begins as an egg that is laid in water. then they come out from egg and begin their life in water and then change into a flying creature when they mature.

Such transformation of a dragonfly from water to air is the reason for the metaphysical or mystical symbolism of the insect. Such qualities make the beautiful insect a symbol of big change. Dragonflies are also a symbol of rebirth or a renewal after a great hardship or loss.

As we said so many times tattoo should be an expression of your personality. It is your individual statement to the world. if you choose butterfly and dragonfly tattoos, then be remembered you are making a statement. That's why you want a tattoo that is unique - that no one else has. Because you are like no one else. Your tattoo should also have a story behind it. It should have a personal meaning for you that you can share with people when they ask about it.

So, we can say butterfly and dragonfly combination can express your emotions, passions and personality in a nice way.


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