Sunday, December 5, 2010

Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoo is the one of the most favorite design type for female.There are many kind type and motives from the flower design that’s matching with tattoo fans desire.Many tattoo fans especially women and girls are like this flower tattoo because it can exhibit their feminine character.Other benefits from the used of this tattoo,these symbol can show her feminine side of the women particularly if the woman have tough facial appearance and short hair it will covering these features.

There are several kind of tattoo design and motives that can be used well solidly for long times.You can choose some sort of flower type,color and decoration as your please,beside it you can also decorate with different kind of color as match with your skin color.You can attract your beautiful tattoo to the other people by simply combine your flower bend with other tattoo elements such as: letter,heart,angel,banner,etc.Tattoo can mix the color with some additional ink color so the people who look you will praise for your creativity.

Rose is the one of the most prominent flower type that’s are used by many flower tattoo fans.Rose is very beautiful and famous among peoples and it’s the number one to be the flower motive.Nowaday many people especially tattoo fans used this flower type in new and old motives,the colour of rose is commonly red but you can choose other colour like blue,yellow or green appropriate with your desire.

Anyway you must be careful when you choose the rose color because every colour have special meaning,example red have a meaning of love and sacrifice,pink have a meaning of elegant and beauty,blue meaning of liberty and calm,green are peace and environment lover.If you choose the color you need to match with your character and depending with your heart condition because every color and type have a different omen,other example if the rose have a little blossom it defined as young soul as well as the flower tattoo user character.

In asian countries the flower symbolized as beauty and serenity,so if the woman or girl want to used it as asian culture it’s more likely some kind of asian flower like cherry,sakura or lotus.Sakura for the example,this type of flower are very popular among many Japanese society,it is have a importance meaning of calm and wisdom.Sakura sign have a good suitable with woman body.The best area to be added in your body is mainly in back and arms.Other kind of flower type is lotus,Japanese consider it as peace and nobility.While cherry represented as the symbol of nature and woman pretty.Every country have a different meaning about tattoo flower depend from it’s nationality folk legend.


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