Friday, October 23, 2009

Dolphins are particularly meaningful for travelers as they bring good luck on a trip, so it’s appropriate that dolphin tattoos accompany so many people on their journey through life. Dolphins are also thought of as symbols for kindness, energy, prosperity, and the abundance of the Earth. But dolphins have other meanings that help reveal why they are such popular choices for tattoos.

In dreams, dolphins often appear as guides to worlds unknown. They keep the dreamer from sinking too deeply into the sea of waking life. They always protect the dreamer from dangers and allow the dreamer to feel connected to the world of nature and spirit. Their main function as a dream guide is to guide the dreamer into water that would normally be too deep to travel in.

As a totem animal, the dolphin is a reminder that play is a crucial part of the balance of life. Dolphins can represent change, wisdom, balance, harmony, freedom, trust, and understanding


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