Saturday, October 17, 2009

Looking for the right tattoo design can be an important and vital move for some people, so if you want to be 100% sure you get the design you truly want to be looking in the right place. It’s also a very easy thing to locate a design you really love for free if you know how. If you want you can locate a few free tattoo designs in the following places:

1. Tattoo parlors and Tattoo books. Of course you can find a really nice design in a tattoo parlor for free, however more often then not many of the selections are general designs and so you really have to work your way through to find the design you really want. So you should ask to see if they have a book of their individual work that they specialize in at their shop. Many times the artists themselves will have original, high quality designs they have drawn and are more than willing to tattoo you with them.

2. What about the Internet? It can be a real challenging experience searching for a tattoo design and having to sift through all the typical designs you've already seen. Unfortunately that’s usually what happens when looking through free tattoo designs on the internet. Many if not all of the free sites simply won't include many if any of the unique or popular designs, however you could come across that one in a million if you look long and hard enough.

3. Ah ha…Tattoo membership websites. Even though you will have to sign up and join, what you get in return is access to thousands of really astounding and exclusive tattoo designs that you most likely would not find anywhere else, and you'll also be able to utilize any of the designs at NO COST. This is really easy way to filter through high quality tattoo designs at your own leisure, and find the best tattoo for you.

Finding a tattoo through a tattoo gallery

In the opinion of many professionals the best place to discover a tattoo is through a tattoo gallery. In a gallery you'll be able to view countless designs to help you finally choose a design that works best for you. Viewing the best tattoo designs can be exciting, motivating and very rewarding. Some of the best forms of tattoo galleries can be found here:

1. Tattoo museums: Some cities have small tattoo museums that can be cool to check out as you get to see many of the vintage designs along with designs that still rank as very popular today. Look around and you’ll find there could be a museum in a city near by. Quite often the actual tattoo parlors double as mini museums. Here you can browse and view at all kinds of designs from the past.

2. Tattoo parlors: Tattoo parlors will usually have hundreds of designs to look at. Browse through their books and on their walls. Usually you’ll see photographs of the actual tattoo just minutes after it was placed on the customer. This can really help you get an idea of how it will actually look.

3. Tattoo Online Galleries: Now here's a brilliant way to view thousands of astounding designs, without even having to leave the comfort of your home. There are many galleries on the internet that have popped up where they collect the best designs out there…both new and old. They also include quite a few styles from tribal to modern to vintage and so on. It's really the best of the best of what’s out there and it can make things really easy to look through many designs.


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